Creating your own market with the Curious Duke Art Gallery


in The Future of Pricing

Consulting is an industry where price is determined as much by brand and reputation as by anything else. In this way, the consulting market is not dissimilar from the fine art market: Aspiring artists need not only to create high quality work; they also have to build a brand identity that can convince the market that there is demand for their pieces. In many ways, launching a new consulting firm—or even just a new service—is analogous to an up-and-coming artist commercialising their work for the first time.

To find out what consultants could learn about pricing from the world of canvasses and paintbrushes, we visited the Curious Duke Art Gallery, an art dealership in central London specialising in emerging artists. Gallery owner Eleni Duke spoke to us about the work that goes into finding a price for a new piece—and how consultants could stand to think more like artists.


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