A series of detailed reports that explore the professional services market across 18 geographies, four sectors, and six service lines, offering a wealth of market sizing, growth, and forecast data, alongside engaging, in-depth analysis of the trends that matter. Underpinned by our global data model and interviews with senior consultants and their clients, the reports allow our readers to really delve into what’s going on in a market, and why.
A suite of reports based on our extensive client survey which reveals what senior end-users think about the world’s leading firms. We conduct an analysis of the client journey and how clients see firms differently as they move from prospects, to the RFP stage, to direct clients. The report also includes rankings of the leading firms along with profiles of these individual firms’ strengths and weaknesses.
All subscriptions start in February, giving you immediate access to the top-ranked firms and our commentary. Throughout the year, you’ll get access to more and more data and insights through a subscriber-only portal on our website.

We also publish a stand-alone report on how consulting firms’ brands are perceived by their employees and potential recruits.
Our Global Brand Perception Summaries pull together the data from our annual client survey to give an in-depth and unique view of the world's largest consulting firms. They reveal how each firm measures up in the minds of clients against the leading firm for quality and value, who they're competing with for mindshare, their strength for a range of key attributes, and the demographics of their clients.

We no longer publish this as an off the shelf report, but if you'd like to see something similar for your firm then please do contact us.
An ongoing programme of studies looking at the biggest challenges and opportunities facing the professional services industry. This programme is available via the Emerging Trends Platform, which will be updated throughout 2019 with relevant material. We also publish free, thought-provoking content under the wider banner of “The future of professional services” and examine what firms need to do to respond to changing client behavior.
A series of reports that analyse the quality and effectiveness of thought leadership. These are published throughout the year and come as part of a subscription to White Space. White Space is a powerful research tool that allows subscribers to keep up to date with the latest content being produced and maximise their return on investment.
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