Published Aug 2021

Perceptions of Risk Firms in 2021

Client Perceptions Programme 2021
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Report contents

Our values and integrity
How to use this Client Perception Study
Discover more online
What clients are telling us
COVID has made clients think about the need to be more resilient and agile
Getting the right experts has become much more important...
... but clients don’t see those experts on their projects
The wider market is becoming more positive about the quality of risk work
------Current brand score rankings, page 11-----
Current brand score of risk firms 
Same chart as above but in Pink
Current brand score of risk firms 
----figure 3--Mindshare of risk firms----- page 12 -----
Mindshare of risk firms 
-------------Relevence chart, page 16----------------
Most and least relevant risk firms 
--- figure 2--- Future readiness ranking, page 30 ------
Future readiness score
-------------Heat map chart, page 31----------------
Quality score weighted by forecast growth by service area
-------------Top-rated firms for attribute alignment in risk , page 29 figure 11----------------
Forecast increase in size of market by service area—2024 compared to 2021
Current brand score
How the current brand score is calculated 
Current brand score rankings
Current brand score of risk firms 
Mindshare rankings
Mindshare of risk firms 
Awareness rankings
Awareness of risk firms
Unaided awareness rankings
Unaided awareness of risk firms