Published Apr 2020

Perceptions of Consulting in Germany in 2020

Client Perceptions Programme 2020
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Report contents

Our values and integrity
How to use this Client Perception Study
Discover more online
What clients are telling us
Clients’ people problems are challenging, but consultants can offer valuable support
Heavy users of firms are less pleased than they were about the quality of consulting work
Leading consulting firms are offering a wider range of end-to-end services than ever before, yet clients are still relatively unimpressed by the breadth of services offered
Detailed rankings
Mindshare: Who are clients in Germany talking about?
Quality of work overall in Germany
Perceptions of the value added by firms in Germany
Quality rankings by service
Firm-by-firm analysis
How to use this section
Bain & Company
Boston Consulting Group
Capgemini Invent
IBM Services
McKinsey & Company
Oliver Wyman
PwC (including Strategy&)
Roland Berger
Methodology in full
Who did we talk to?
What did we ask them?
Which firms are included in this report?
How do we rank firms in this report?
Definitions of sectors
Our custom work
About the author
Martin White
Programme schedule for 2020