Each piece is rated individually against a series of questions. For each of the four main criteria, the piece of content receives a score between 1 and 5; this generates a total score for each piece of between 4 and 20. Less than 10% of thought leadership scores 12 or above.

Criterion We ask


Driving a reader to pick up a piece of content

  • Is the subject topical?
  • Is it different from what others are doing–either because of the topic or the angle taken?
  • Is the content revelatory and/or contrary to prevailing views?


Engaging a reader to read past the first paragraph and beyond

  • Is the reader likely to continue past the introduction?
  • Does the report look good?
  • Do the structure and writing style make it easy to read?
  • Does the report do anything interesting to make the material stick in the reader's mind?

Building a reader's trust & confidence in what they have read

  • Is there any quantitative and/or qualitative primary research?
  • Is there any secondary research?
  • How good is the analysis?
  • Are internal experts used?
  • Is the methodology clearly described?

Prompting action

Compelling a reader to take action on what they have absorbed

  • Does the article clearly articulate action steps for the reader?
  • Does the article give the reader a clear idea of how the consulting firm could help whilst avoiding being a thinly disguised sales pitch?