The Future of Account Management

The range of services offered by the world’s leading consulting firms is broader and more complex now than it has ever been. That may suit the demands of the multifaceted transformation projects that dominate the market today, but it also creates the potential for confusion and even cynicism and disengagement among clients. Against that backdrop, this report looks at the changing ways in which firms are using their front office—and especially the role of account management—to create value for clients. 

Section 1: Why is good account management more important than ever?

Section 2: Are we moving towards a new model of account management?

Section 3: What skills does the modern account manager need to have?

Section 4: What role is there for technology in the account management process?


Account management as a challenger consultancy

Brandon Bichler, Elixirr

Client views on account managers cross-selling services


Understanding clients' needs

Chiaki Nishino, Prophet

The most common account management mistakes made by firms


Delivering a winning client experience

Nick Dussuyer, Willis Towers Watson

Creating multidisciplinary solutions

Gary Reader, KPMG

The role clients want to play in project resourcing


Issue-based consulting

Casey Foss and Tom Hulsebosch, West Monroe

A buyer's perspective on account management

Elinor Hull, Post Office

Using technology to build better relationships

Venkat Chandra and Sumathi Pundit, Kaitongo

Building a digital delivery platform

Greg Caimi, Bain & Company
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