The Future of Delivery

As clients have changed the way they think about consultants, the old way of delivering projects has come under increasing strain. Next-generation managed services—bringing together the right combination of software, data and expertise to provide clients with ongoing business support—now make up a significant proportion of many firms’ revenues. And even for more traditional projects, consultants have had to substantially adapt their ways of working; today’s clients want their consultants to incorporate leading-edge technology into the delivery process, and expect them to be able to call on a sophisticated ecosystem of partners as dictated by the needs of the project. This report lays out the changes currently taking place in project delivery, and where we might be heading next.

Section 1: How is the demand for innovation transforming project delivery?

Section 2: How will the project of the future be resourced?

Section 3: To what extent can consulting be further digitised?

Section 4: What would a taxonomy of delivery models look like?


Creating on demand services

Jorge Blanco and David Brown, KPMG

The impact of an innovation lab on a firm’s price point


The commodification of professional services

Duncan Hare, XMCS

Talent-on-demand platforms

Dr. Christoph Hardt, COMATCH

The associate network approach

Lisa Gigg, Leathwaite

Building a B2B knowledge platform

Germain Chastel, NewtonX

The value of freelancers

Adam Gates, Odgers Connect

Managing distributed teams

Christopher Keene and Susheela Vasan, Gigster

Launching a new innovation site

Lauren Cave, Protiviti

Client willingness to work with freelance consultants


Rethinking project procurement

Diego Barillà and Ashutosh Parande, Globality

Automating consultancy

Dr. Jan van de Poll, Transparency Lab

An academic perspective on new delivery models

Professor Ard-Pieter de Man, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Leveraging a community of experts

Oren Kesler, Wikistrat

A place for innovation

Colleen Drummond, KPMG
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